welcome! New Amusement Park opens in Grand Rapids

New amusement park is opening in Grand Rapids. Gatlin's Gateway to Great Times is having its grand opening in downtown Grand Rapids. They have everything from roller coasters to water slides to amazing put put golf courses, if you can think of it they can make it happen. They have 3 total restaurants and a bar to accompany for the adults and the children. The bar is connected to all of the restaurants so your children can be having a fun time eating and playing in their indoor play area and you can have a great time with your friends or loved ones at the bar. There are mechines all around the water park so that if you want to dry off or didnt pack a swim suit for the water park those mechines will charge you $2.00 for 5 minutes in a high powered heat dryer. After those 5 minutes you should be dry and ready to go for another ride or to have some more fun on the roller coasters. They have 2 total coffee shops, you can find those on the maps they have scattered around the landscape. The coffee shops are named Momma's cup of joe, the restaurants are named Joe's Smoe, and the bar's are named Bubba's Brews. So if you just take a look you can find all the information you need to find to go anywhere you want.